Radio Alchemy is actively engaged in it’s pursuit to partner with KONA 100.5 LPFM as it proceeds with its plans to build a Low Power FM Radio station in Kailua-Kona
Upon completion of the Construction of the FM station, Radio Alchemy will assume the 7 PM to 1 AM portion of the KONA Schedule 7 days a week. Each evening will feature DJ’s from throughout the Big Island of Hawaii which will broadcast from 7 zones around the Island. These areas include North and South Kona, Hawi/Kohala, Hamakua, Hilo, Puna and Ka’u/Ocean View. Each day the 6 hours of programming will be comprised of 3 – 2 hour slots. We hope to involve enough participation that each area will be represented and will have it’s own weekly regional report whether it be current events or its community calendar.

We are currently accepting applicants who are interested in broadcasting to complete the DJ Application form below. We can then create a training schedule which will consist of a series of brief 4-5 minute videos on how to get connected. Initially, this may involve only Internet broadcasts which are accessible world wide using the player found within this website. During the time outside of the 7 PM to 1 AM programming, DJ’s and programmers from outside of the Big Island are invited to participate. We invite you to let us in on what is happening in your part of the world.

Since we are based on the Big Island, we will give preference to those DJ’s who are local to Hawaii. We also will create a sponsorship program whereby DJ’s can be compensated thru Underwriting by our Hawaii area businesses. This provides a chance for the DJ to receive compensation (up to $600 per year) while it helps support the expense that go towards maintaining our facilities (such as this website). Underwriters in turn will receive the benefit of air time acknowledging their participation as underwriters and also provide them with a link to their businesses website. Those who secure underwriting will have preference in determining the day and time when their program will air.