The engine which runs community radio relies on its volunteers from our community.  We draw from the many talents of both the Technical and creative skills and a desire to become involved with  our community on many levels.

The following is a basic outline of those areas we would like to bring forward to us in order for our radio station to run smoothly.  Each area will eventually have a brief video which highlights our needs.   If you see one particular area that you wish to contribute to, we would love to have you as part of our Oceans 111 Volunteer Dream Team.  Thank you for your interest in participating in KONA – 100.5 LPFM.

1. Fundraising
   a. Vision Sponsorship

    b. DJ Sponsors
    c. Venmo QR Code

2. Music Direction
   a. Local Music Showcase
   b. Songs and Stories
   c. Sage Sounds

3. Community Outreach
   a. 420 Report
   b. High School Radio – Live Streaming
   c. DJ Training – Mixxx
   d. Night Markets/Strolls/Hash Runs

4. DJ Training
   a. Mixxx training download/set for Mac OS
   b. RDJ Access Training
   c. On-site Streaming for FM Broadcast Training

5. Marketing
   a. Merchandise Purchase and Check-out Page
   b. Program Guides posted to Home Page or direct Link to
   c. Giveaways – Membership Programs

6. Engineering
   a. Buy New Back-up/Repeater Transmitter
   b. Solar Energy Project
   c. Repeater Location – Administrative Input – Mast Set up

7. Vision Team
   a. Oceans 111 Participation Dream Team
   b. Planning, Success and Execution Charts
   c. Website Design, Improvements and Maintenance